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Homework Help: How do you find instantaneous speed?

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    how can I find the instantaneous speed when t=6 seconds for the following, and would it be any differnt if i draw a graph and find it using with the line of best fit.

    d (m) l t (s)
    0 l 0
    2 l 1.59
    4 l 2.37
    6 l 3.87
    8 l 3.98
    10 l 6.09
    12 l 8.90
    14 l 8.66
    16 l 9.23
    18 l 10.18
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    Your approach is probably the most reasonable. There are formulas one could use, but they would effectively get the same result as you could by a good curve fit. The formulas are curve fitting themselves.
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