How do you get a mouse trap car to go forward and then backward?

  1. I need to build a mouse-trap car that goes forward 3 meters and goes backwards 3 meters by Monday... is that even possible? Pls, help me with ideas... :bugeye:
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    By Monday? You'd better get cracking.

    Best guess is use 2 mousetraps... Fire them off one at a time.
  4. Why not have one wind a rubber band or something... you will have to adjust the tension but have it wind up then it should be able to get back..
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    Tie the car to a string suspended from the ceiling?
  6. Fix the mouse-trap FIRMLY to a little car. Fix the trap in a position such that when the wire thing comes to a stop, the momentum of anything attached to it will be in the direction the car will travel. Attach a weight to the end of that wire part. Put a spring on the front of the car. Put a firm support behind the car, so it can't jump backwards. Place a hard surface in front of the car, 3 meters away...
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