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Homework Help: How do you graph this?

  1. Mar 8, 2009 #1
    In chemistry Im suppose to graph
    reciprocal of time ( seconds ) Vs concentration of a solution.

    Im suppose to plot 3 different plots, which i have obtained from the lab we did. So i have 3 different concentration each with different time.

    its not reciprocal of time vs reciprocal of concentration, it has to be reciprocal of time vs Concentration.

    I know how to find a reciprocal of time, but when i reciprocate the time, what do i do with concetration?
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    Just plot 1/t against concentration. What is the problem?
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    so the graph shouldnt look any different from regular time vs concentration?
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    The graph should look very different from a normal concentration v time graph. For one, in the reciprocal plot, high time values are converted to low 1/t values and vice versa. This has the effect of changing increasing functions into decreasing functions. For example, see the attached plots. The concentration v time graph is shown in the middle and it is plotting the y column against the x column on the table. It is an increasing function. In contrast, by plotting the y column against the 1/x column, you obtain the graph on the right, which shows a decreasing function.

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