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How do you guys read your books?

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    I'm currently reading: introducing philosophy, God, mind, world and logic. It has a picture of what looks like an entanglement on the cover and I know I have to be mindful of the way the words and arguments are presented as to not fall into a faulty reasoning mode of thought, I mean I still need some randomness if you understand what I'm saying. So opinions, ideas, thoughts on this?
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    Watch your punctuation. "Introducing philosophy, God, mind, world and logic" looks like a disaster waiting to happen, as these are incompatible topics, "Introducing philosophy: God, mind, world and logic" makes it much more palatable.
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    That book isn't right anyway.
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    I read textbooks differently than other books for the most part. That's the main difference.
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    I am currently into design thinking, and my latest highlight is a book written by Tom and David Kelley called Creative Confidence. It's really well-written, and leaves me with positive feeling after I end another chapter. I look forward to taking a course on d.school.
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    If it is a Textbook I usually go over the examples and make sure I understand most of the concepts if you don't you probably wont get much out of it. It depends on my schedule if its a autobiography or story( a book not chock full of problems. If its a textbook I'll take a while to digest the material in small chunks usually. Fiction books I like to finish off in a few sittings if not one. For Text Books It might really help you in the long run if you try relating the concepts to what you already know it could definetly help you with understanding aswell as recall. Im currently reading Reading ray d'inverno introducing einstein's relativity
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