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How do you make a glofish?

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    if someone could provide my a simple outline of how you'd make a zebra danio in to a glofish that would be great, guesses welcome.
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    You don't make them, you buy them. They are genetically modified.
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    sorry if I wasn't being clear, I meant how did they genetically alter this fish (the process), not the genetics of it, the process used to splice in the new gene(s)? could it be done with drugs or was cut and paste?
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    while informative (I saved the article) it didn't answer my question on the process. :-p I'm looking for the gene delivery system kinda like this but usable for fish http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_gun
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    This website has some information on some methods for genetically engineering zebrafish (http://www.labome.com/method/Current-Methods-in-Zebrafish-Research.html, see the section on transgenic technology for the techniques that were likely used to create the GloFish). Newer genome editing technologies based on the CRISPR/Cas system (see http://www.nature.com/srep/2014/141008/srep06545/full/srep06545.html for a paper specific to zebrafish), however, are becomming the new standard methods to generate transgenic organisms.
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    so from what I'm reading it's a drug for transport and insertion of the modified dna injected into the yolk after fertilization. thanks I think I got it. :smile:
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