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How do you make your internet account hack-proof?

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    How do you make your internet account hack-proof?

    I've read that it is quite easy to crack passwords for someone who knows networking and programming. So changing your passwords regularly does not guarantee complete security.

    Are there other ways you can prevent someone from misusing your internet account?
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    All you can do is have a good password and change it regularly. Other than that, it's the web designer's responibility to create a secure login script. The worst case senario is if the login script sends the passwords in clear text as GET to the server and stores the password in clear text on the server.
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    Does that happen often? I mean, do login scripts get sent across in clear text?
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    I haven't really counted, but i'm sure there are plenty of sites that do send the password in clear text. The important websites like banking and large ecommerce sites usually have a set security standard which you can pretty much trust. It is usually the smaller sites that tend to not have as good as security.

    What does this mean to you? Don't have the same password for all your logins.
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    First of all, do you mean that you want to make your internet account, givin by your ISP hackproof? Is shorts, you cant. Anyone who is skilled in TCP/IP and networking/programming has a good shoot at getting your password. Which ISP are you using? And as far as logging into web sites vie HTTP, you only have to worry about people sniffing your passwords if you are on a LAN. Of course, you can take some other security mesures, but no account on th NET is "hack proof", no not one. but unless any one h4X0R is targetting you, and if he sees that you set a good password, he would probally just look for someone else. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the help!
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    I hate to be such a grumpus, but no computer is hackproof (with the possible exception of a modded linux OS using firefox and every anti-viral and anti-hacking software ever created, and the certain exception of something that isn't connected to the internet or has a complete firewall block on it).
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