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How do you preserve an emotion to enforce motivation?

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    Say a week, month, or year of undergoing consistent tasks, during this time, every morning when you wake up you kind of forget who you are. You start to hate everything about your hobby/career path. If it's a hobby, you simply quit. For an education, it's not that simple... but if you quit it's an expensive price to pay.

    The first time when you decide to dedicate yourself to something, like wanting to go back to school, you get this strong emotion about it. Then once you're back, you are strongly motivated and have excellent work ethic, but then eventually you forget why you're there, or that if you do remember that early moment, the emotion you felt which motivated you to go back to school is now faint. Eventually you end up hating the work, and at worst quitting.

    Now let's say you drop out. Then afterwards, you regret for some reason why you dropped out. Why then, all of the sudden you want to, again, go back to school after living a mundane existence? And then the cycle would probably continue (giving up again)? How do you break the cycle, how do you stay motivated? Why is it that when you wake up in the morning, it's as if you forget who you are. I guess is it, because it's easier to dream about something than to take action about it? Maybe the reality of things turns out to be inaccurate of what you saw in your dreams?

    Say one person wanted to become a digital artist (not me...), he envisions himself making great animations or artwork for whatever company it may be. He goes to school and gets a wake up call. He tells himself, "So this is the type of crap I need to do in order to produce something nice." -- It turns out he did not know what type of work he was getting into it, although he still enjoys the idea of producing great art work -- but this only exists in his fantasies.

    How do you overcome barriers like this?
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    Before deciding to major in something it would make sense to first research the field you are interested in. Most people have an idea of what is entailed before they choose a major, but it might not be until they really get into it that they realize it's not what they thought.
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