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How do you see yourself in 10 years?

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    I hope to still be journaling here! I'll probably have alot of health problems because I don't take care of myself like I should. I hope to be seeing my son playing major league baseball, and my daughter driving. I want to be in a house that is finished (my husband is a trim carpenter and refinishes houses), and I hope to see myself happy. Lastly, I hope to see my dad by then. (He's been in prison for 30 years, hopefully to be released soon). Heck, I just hope to be alive in 10 years! Ha!
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    To be a jerk and answer as literally as possible, I'll see myself by using my eyes and looking into a mirror, but I may be mistaken because people may have different methods of seeing themselves in 10 years.

    To be a jerk and answer beguilingly, I'll be president of the world... my own little (fake) world that is. So far, I'm only mayor, but I'm workin my way up.

    To be boring and answer truthfully, I'll be done with college and working somewhere in the US or Canada, or somewhere else. I'll be nearly done with paying off student loans, and I'll have a different car. I'll be drinking more regularly, and hopefully I'll have a regular gig at a local bar or something. I can't say if I'll be married or not, but I sure hope to be by then. Maybe I'll have a skydiving lisence by then too. Oh yeah, I'll also have done some traveling and I'll have a better photography portfolio.
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