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How do you study physics?

  1. Aug 27, 2013 #1
    I'm on my second year in physics and I've begun to think I've chosen the wrong subject. I feel like I simply don't possess the thinking processes of a physicist. Is there a specific way I should approach problems? A specific way I should think about concepts in my mind? I'm on the verge of giving up, really. :(
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    Is there any particular course that you're having trouble with? One specific topic that, in your opinion, you aren't approaching problems in the right way? Are there others in your class that you can speak to, to try and learn how to approach problems better or, if not, can you approach a tutor? You shouldn't give up without exhausting avenues that might help you.
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    Math and physics is an acquired knowledge. It's not exactly a common sense thing. Learning curve is very steep. It's like everyone can understand and laugh at a joke. But it require time to learn how to appreciate Shakespeare.

    I am not saying whether you have it or not, I just say you need more time, get a tutor, ask specific question in this forum and see. Stick it out for another year, concentrate on more calculus as it is important for other fields. UC Berkley require Cal I and cal II even for business major......for good reason.
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    What makes you think so? Can you give examples? It's more important that you enjoy the work you you do.

    I strongly suspect this is not clear statement about what is troubling you.
    Do you find you think you know the 'formulas and concepts' but have trouble deciding how to attack problems? Or are the formulas and concepts not clear.....

    yes, personally. Do you make notes when reading new concepts?? key points?

    I always found it useful to 'explain concepts' to my, in my own words....best if you write those down as summary notes. You can also try explaining formulas to yourself in words. What does each formula concept mean...how does it apply....and relate to other formulas/ concepts....
    I also found it helpful to tutor a couple of friends.....

    Do you enjoy math and have the math skills for your physics??
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