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Homework Help: How do you

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    In the equation for Hookes law what values do I consider if I was to plot for the value of k?. Would plotting T vs M give me this and would the gradient be equal to k?
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    What is the equation for time period?
    T = 2(pi) sqrt[m/k]
    Plotting the graph of M vs T^2 vs M i.e. T^2 on x axis will give you the value of [k/2(pi)]^2
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    I believe Hooke's law is
    [tex]T = \frac{kx}{l}[/tex]
    Hellraiser has given the equation for SHM of a Spring-mass system.

    Think of the equation of a straight line:
    [tex]y = mx + c [/tex]
    Where m is the gradient, try to rearrange hooke's law into that form.
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    I thought T was the time period. Didn't realise it was the Tension thing. I prefer the F(orce) symbol. :)
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    thank you for your help
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