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How does a nozzle work?

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    all i know about nozzle is that, it converts high temperature, low velocity air to low temperature, high velocity air.
    But how does that happen? is it the bernoulii law?
    Plz friends help me out and give me full details make it complex as much as u can. I want to know the A-Z about nozzles.
    I browsed the net and found nothing useful......
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzz
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    U mean gasturbine engine's jet nozzle or other. I can give you some data on gas turbine jetnozzle.
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    Yeah, that's something that needs to be asked in more detail. It sounds as if perfectz is asking about a rocket or jet nozzle, but there are lots of other types as well. Essentially, I believe that anything that changes the speed of a fluid or gas flow is considered a nozzle. They can be convergent, divergent, or a combination thereof. Even the venturi in a carbeurator or airbrush is a nozzle.
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    A nozzle is a nozzle is a nozzle. It doesn't matter where the nozzle is physically located.

    Start with using Google:
    http://www.flow-dyne.com/nozzle.htm [Broken]
    http://meweb.ecn.purdue.edu/~meapplet/java/cdnozzle/Index.html [Broken]

    That took a whopping 4 seconds.
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    hey ramesh tell me about gas turbine nozzle

    and fred u rok........
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