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How does BPL work?

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    1)Broadband over power lines... How do they work? and how can they provide such high data transmission rates compared to DSL and other network architectures? How is it that they do not interfere with other electrical appliances in the home like fans and switches? I mean don't they offer a capacitive resistance and draw the power out from the power lines? And How are they capable of such high speed? I mean, compared to LAN cables, they can have only one data line for transmission and reception right? And what line do they use for it? The power, the ground or the neutral for the transmission?

    2)On a side note... Technologies like gigabit ethernet LAN's... Do they achieve their high speed by manually and just brutally increasing the data transfer rate by using newer technologies or do they use other smart methods to achieve their speeds?

    - Im clueless.. Could someone please help me out... :uhh:
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