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B How does decoherence work?

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    Hi, I'm in ninth grade, and I can't really grasp an idea of how decoherence works. Also, does anyone know where I can good information on what was discussed in the debates between Bohr and Einstein. It seems really interesting.
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    This is too broad for discussion as it stands. Can you narrow it down to a specific experiment where you're having trouble understanding decoherence? (Also, your original thread title didn't describe your actual question, not to mention that it suggested a couple of common pop science misconceptions. I have changed it to something more neutral and descriptive.)

    The place to start is a Google search. If you have specific questions about something you find there, you can post them in a new thread.
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    That's too broad of a question for a forum post; we'd need an entire book to answer it. Fortunately, that book already exists: David Lindley's "Where does the weirdness go?" is a good start at the 9th-grade level.
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