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Homework Help: How does everyone

  1. Apr 25, 2004 #1
    Learn their stuff?

    Like what is your style for learning science/math/ or anything? Were you influenced by some book to change your learning habits? How and where did you learn to study efficiently? How do you read (active/passive)? Etc etc...

    Just like to know how people find their own ways to understand stuff...

    I work when I work! I do not when I do not...

    I am influenced by some of the things I read... Other times I find those readings to be very practical and that the only things I really need to do is to do what I really need to do... But finding whats important to me has always been an issue... So once I establish a better sense of the self I begun to understand more...

    Anyways... Any inputs?

    Simply : Your study habit is ________?
    It is like that because _________
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  3. Apr 26, 2004 #2
    Usually accidently picking things up, although I can "force" myself to learn by going through problems.

    It's like that because it um.... is?

    Either way, after visiting for prefrosh weekend, I have a feeling that's going to change.

  4. Apr 26, 2004 #3
    where you going? and why would that change?
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  6. Apr 26, 2004 #5
    HA...Going to Caltech I see...
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    A few things of just general life experience changed my methods of learning

    0. computer programming - always start counting at 0, not 1
    1. grade 12 math - sine and cosine should be interpreted as minimum and maximum, not as triangles.
    2. chemistry - if there is ever a shortcut, take it.
    3. physics - don't ever remember formulas, remember how to get those formulas.
    4. chemistry - don't use "common sense" to make a problem work, use proper signs in your math to make it work; if the math doesn't work out, you did something wrong.
    5. computer programming - always write down information the way you would with a computer or a calculator; it's surprising how many people understand what squiggly brackets ({ }) mean.
    6. physics - if the trig for a problem is too complicated, try rotating the problem
    7. biology - to help remember things you can't derive, try to mention them in conversation when intoxicated.
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