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B How does gravity work within earth?

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    If gravity is the warping of space, how does it work on earth for us? Imagine a trampoline (the most common example for describing gravity) when a bowling ball is kept on a trampoline the weight of the ball forces the trampoline to stretch, but on our planet the gravity works downward on the land regardless of where we are. On the trampoline the whatever is kept below the ball won't feel the downward force, only things that are on top. Then how does gravity work on Earth, and that too on both the poles? Also how does the warping of space justify tides that occur from moons gravitation pull on earth? Albert Einstein's concept of gravity always made sense to me, but only on a larger scale. But when I think about how people on the South Pole and the North Pole feel a downward gravitation, it means the ball warps the trampoline from
    North and South, how could that be possible? Ps I haven't really studied general relativity yet, as I'm still doing my IGCSE. Though my curiosity for the cosmos made me stumble upon this.

    Thank you :)
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    And, spacetime is, strangely enough, not a trampoline!
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