How does it feel to kiss someone?

  1. How does it feel to kiss someone?
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  3. I got mono from my first kiss, so I suppose achy and tired.
  4. I'm kissing my wife right now. It feels like this.
  5. Astronuc

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    It depends on whom is being kissed.

    Kissing one's spouse or girlfriend is quite a bit different that kissing one's mother, aunt or grandmother. :biggrin: Or at least I hope so. :rofl:
  6. Some things cannot be described well with words.
  7. lisab

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    Dave Matthews...
  8. Pengwuino

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    Feels overrated.
  9. Singles Awareness day getting you down?
  10. [​IMG]

    Feels like victory.
  11. Pengwuino

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    No, it's overrated. Hollywood/girls are full of it. If you can, try to get some work done while you're doing it.
  12. Pengwuino

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    You're thinking about what comes after.
  13. I love being free and feel sorry for all suckers who had to buy 2000$ chocolates for their girlfriends :D
  14. Pengwuino

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    They're $2.99 at walmart.

    Then again that doesn't get you too far along with keeping a gf.
  15. Yeah, and after you're done with what comes after, all you have is the smell of napalm in the morning.
  16. are you trying to get ahead at work and its your boss?
  17. Astronuc

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    without the smell of napalm. That would be a show stopper! :rofl:
  18. Greg Bernhardt

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    i think that captian would list it under "turn ons" though :D
  19. Kissing after dinner, or eating in general is a bad idea. Quite frankly eating food that was in someone elses mouth is a bad idea.
  20. Evo

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    Depends on who you are kissing, I've had the poppers and smackers and one guy that drooled so much into my mouth that it gagged me and I needed a towel to wipe myself off from his drool overflow, he was an attractive med student too. Then there are the guys that try to give you a tonsilectomy, the tooth lickers, the tongue swabbers. Then on the other end, the clenched teeth kissers that think kissing is rubbing lips together.
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