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How does limited time offered food work?

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    Certain food places have certain foods that they only sell for a limited time. The theory is that people will get sucked in because of the awesometastic food and keep eating there after the limited time offer goes away.

    However, I've NEVER come back to a place after their limited time offer was over. The second McDonalds stops selling McRibs, I evacuate that place in a second! Does this actually work for more people?

    Anyhow, the point is


    Actually, no, suckers, it's not back, as far as I know, I just wanted to put that image up there.

    Anyhow, does anyone really get suckered in by these promotions?

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    Nope. If the promotion is really good I will buy. Once the promotion ends, I will not buy. The promotion sets the bar, anything that costs more is a rip off, IMO. There are always competitors with offers, so I shop around.
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