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How does Madison Avenue stereotype you?

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    When you encounter a TV, radio or magazine ad, political promotion or public display of commercialism, don't you get the idea their fabricators see you as a person to be manipulated?

    Try describing the characteristics with which advertisers pigeonhole us - the images that they perceive not of what we are, but of the Potemkin citizens they would have us be. For instance, I should be ashamed of my gray hairs, and wear boot-polish black coloring instead to mesmerize the chicks.
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    Its funny you should ask this question because my best friend growing up ended up going into advertizing.

    He wouldn't shut up about the subject and talked about it ad nauseam. He actually never thought of the consumer as a person to be manipulated.

    Instead, his sole focus was devoted to manipulating the image of the product. His goal was always to find a way to turn the product into a "star" the way any great movie star is a "star". This might be achieved dramatically or comedically.

    Of course the consumer does end up being manipulated in the furtherace of his goals, but in his mind that was a secondary effect.
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    i completely agree with your post Loren...but you have to remember who is setting these standards and then not allow them to control or manipulate you into thinking you aren't living up to the madison avenue standards...
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    The consumer is often to blame for buying before thinking about value, "falling in love" with a product, being uncritical with promotional information, or leading a lifestyle of consumption.
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