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How does popularity really work?

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    no when you think of it is there really any way to classify popularity. when you think abou tif some has friends in truth they are popular but that is not how main stream culture works.
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    There was an article in the May 2003 issue of Scientific American about scale-free networks. Scale-Free networks have been identified in the dispersal of many types of interrelationships. Basically, a Scale-free network is relational digraph representation of the relations between a group of objects where the degree of the object nodes follow some interesting mathematical trends. These types of graphs show up in computer networks, biology, and sociology: just to name a few.

    http://www.sfu.ca/~insna/INSNA/Hot/scale_free.htm [Broken]

    I think he subject could provide some interesting reading in relation to your question.
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    not general engineering.

    ~off to philosophy
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    popularity is simply loosing your mind to let someone else think for you. That's how I view it anyhow.
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    Spoken like a true geek!

    Sorry: socially-challenged .

    Actually, I completely agree with you, but can't say that to anyone since they usually tell me exactly what I just told you .
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    haha uve got no friends!
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