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How does that work then

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    Something has been bothering me for a while.....

    when we are removing oil from below the surface of the earth and replacing it with water then how comes the sea levels are not falling???,

    In fact i dont get this whole issue of the seas rising???, 95% of icebergs are under water, if you removed an iceberg and melted it the volume of water would be less than of ice, surely again melting icebergs reduce the levels!!!!
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    I'm not sure how many oil wells use this technique, but I don't think the volume of water we're talking about is all that much.

    Not quite. If you melt an iceberg that's floating in water, the water level shouldn't change. But icebergs aren't the issue with rising sea levels. It's ice that's above sea level that's the concern-- things like glaciers.

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    Melting icebergs doesn't change any levels!
    Try it with an ice cube in a glass of water.
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    I tried melting ice cubes in a glass of water. Admittedly, the water level does not change as we usually thought.

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