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How does the electron spins affects the magnetic field?

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    how does the electron spins affects the magnetic field??

    help needed....tks in advance :smile:
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    I'm pretty sure if there is an imbalance in electron spin that is commonly known as magnetism. In a magnetized piece of iron each atom has it's electrons unbalanced in the same direction. In a nonmagnetized piece, they are all unbalanced, but it's different for each atom. Magnetism is caused by moving charge that's why it's caused by electron imbalance.
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    the dude is right.
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    In a bulk of iron, don't the atoms group together in large (compared to the atoms) cells called domains? I thought that the domains individually produce a coherent magnetic field, but the net magnetic field of a non-magnetized piece of iron is zero because the domains are randomly oriented.
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