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How does the public respond to new scientific theories?

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    I am writing a paper on the Theory of Everything, and it's effect on mankind.

    I was wondering, how do you think the public would react if a theory of everything was discovered?

    How would the public accept a theory such as this (so large scale)?

    How would society change in general?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think a good place to start is with public reaction to past huge scientific break throughs. How did the public react to GR, SR, or Quantum Theory. Did they even react.

    The TOE, when found, will more than likely not be understood by the public for a number of years. Ask your mother what GR is. I bet she may have heard of it but doesn't know what it is, and that’s been around for nearly a century now. In large, the public doesn’t care about what they don’t understand.

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    It'll make great movies.

    Well TOE will push_out that suffered DNA from movie scripts, and take it's place ...

    ...understanding huh, I was surprised how many people don't understand Newton's laws (me first -but learning), and people who should know such things, I'm noot talking about your postman, but about university science educated people and students…
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    The public as a whole could care less about anything of great importance. All most of them want is a can of beer, a pair of flip flops, and a pick up with a dog in the back. But if I were you, I would go ahead anyway.
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    Re: Re: How does the public respond to new scientific theories?

    The public might be interested if somehow beer, flip flops, and dog in pickup can be represented in the Theory of Everything. Of course, that seems a little far fetched and a little absurd.
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    Religious conservatives will go berserk. Other than that, very little. There is a sense of scientific fatigue around these days, and most likely it will be greeted as "just another theory".
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    Sorta like the public hear that this "person" did this (a TOE)...(They are told it is "Important", so that's how they know) that person becomes Famous, most of the public look upon that person, well, like they did Einstien(?) or like Hawking (?) probably more like/as "That" person, whomever they are...as for the theoretical part(s), if well proven, then it's author gets the Accreditation they deserve(?)....how much of it (The actual Theory) the General Public, gets to know, probably depends Upon 'Hollywood' these days, seemingly more then ever....so, I don't know nothin....
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