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How does this look in the CV?

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    I'm starting to prepare applications for grad school and I have one question.

    Before I started studying physics I was studying EE for one year, but I didn't like the school so I quit and went for physics (from the first year again) and now I want to study theoretical and mathematical physics.

    Do you think, that this will look bad on my CV? Should I give an explanation, why I left the school (or why I went to the school) in the motivation letter, or something like that?

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    I can't comment on whether you should include letters in your applications, because I don't know the procedure of the schools you are applying to. However, I don't see that your circumstances will look bad on your application. To me, it seems like you tried something, didn't like it so changed, and are now applying to research in an area you have shown interest in. How can that look bad?
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    Switching majors your first year isn't bad. Just curious, how is that being fit into a CV? Did you do research or come out with some degree in EE? If you accomplished something in EE this can't look bad on a CV.
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