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How does this Mechanical Engineering program look?

  1. Oct 7, 2012 #1
    Hey all, i have been thinking about getting into mechanical engineering. I want to go into aerospace OR mechatronics and robotics so i'm thinking mechanical engineering would give me more options over mechatronics and robotics because i don't know if i am leaning more towards aerospace or robotics for graduate school.

    Here is what i have been looking at and i am hoping i can get some input


    This is a 2 year diploma in which afterwards i have the option of transferring to UBC or UVIC to complete my degree which i am planning on doing. How does this program look? Does it look similar to other university's first 2 years? will i be in any disadvantage, educational-wise?

    Here is also the mechatronics and robotics diploma


    i am leaning more towards mechanical engineering so i can either go into mechatronics OR aerospace. but i would love to here input and it will help me out a lot.

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