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How Doing This in Latex

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    How to write the following using the Latex program:


    Thanks in advance

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    Try this out and see if it works for you. The column widths and vertical spaces are adjustable.

    Code (Text):


    \begin{tabular}{p{2in} p{1.5in} p{2in}}
        \underline{Signature of Author} && \dotfill\\[12pt]

        \underline{Committee Member} && \hfill Signature and Date\\[\vertspace]
        Dr. \dotfill &(Chairman) & \dotfill\\[\vertspace]
        Dr. \dotfill &(Member) & \dotfill\\[\vertspace]
        Dr. \dotfill &(Member) & \dotfill\\[\vertspace]
        Dr. \dotfill &(Member) & \dotfill\\[\vertspace]
        Dr. \dotfill &(External Examiner) & \dotfill\\
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    This is great. Exactly matching what I want. Do you know what? This program (Latex) is a great one once you get use of it. Thank you very much Fenn. Wish you luck.

    Best regards
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    Yes, LaTeX is a wonderful resource for document preparation. Based on your request, I'm assuming it's for a thesis?
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    Yes indeed, it is a master thesis. I am in the writting stage, so I have many problems, specially I am new at the Latex community.

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    There's plenty of resources for LaTeX help, including this forum. Googling "latex <insert question here>" has served me very well. You can find all kinds of treasures, as long as you get used to weeding through the false hits. http://www.latex-community.org is another great site. Like many others, I've recently started a weblog listing things I've discovered or developed during my learning process.
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    Yes you are right. I found things that were useful by Googling, but there are things you can not find them directly, and you have to do extensive search and reading. This forum actually help me alot by answering my questions, and I appreciate that very much.

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