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How dumb are we?

  1. Dec 31, 2004 #1
    Greg can you set up one more vote.
    We forgot an important category. We should vote for our favorite mentor, they deserve some recognition for all they do.
    I was going to suggest a vote for our favorite Administrator as well, but I think there is a good chance that you would lose and I don't know what we would do then.
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  3. Dec 31, 2004 #2
    Hardly likely He can threaten us with ban or worse shutting down PF if we didnt vote for him.
    The first goes for mentors too.
    EDIT:But the mentors are so sweet that they wont do it
    P.S:the edit was in no way forced by a mentor :rofl:
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2004
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