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How early to think of graduate school?

  1. Nov 16, 2005 #1
    Alright, here is my situation, I am at a smaller state school, no PhD programs but a few masters, in my 3rd year of 5 (hopefully). I am getting a BS with Math (applied), Physics (professional, its pretty much basic stuff that should prepare you for grad school), and Chemistry (business, I only go through physical chem) majors, than I am planning to stick around a semester to finish a BBA-Finance major, so I can start a Masters program in the Fall. Grades wise I am not that good--Math is about a 3.1 (out of 4.0), physics 3.7, chem 3.7.

    Would it be out of the question to try a dual masters in PhD track math and physics. If it is possible can I do it in 3 years or less, I have been taking 20+ units a semester now so I am thinking a load of 12 units should be doable in grad school.

    Also would taking the GRE math and physics subject tests be a good idea, right now I am looking for Midwest/Great Lakes region Universities for grad school.

    Any suggestions on schools that have good math and physics masters programs, best I can find is Chicago. Or would a smaller school like UW-Milwaukee be alright. Thanks.
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