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B How electric shock happens?

  1. Sep 1, 2016 #1
    if i touch the live (single phase) wire , i will get a shock.But current will have to flow through the body , via the floor , walls of the building , and into the earth .
    But cement has electric resistance higher than 1gigaohm
    so rms current = 220 v / impedance
    impedance > 1 giga ohm
    so rms current is in order of nano ampere
    how do i get a shock then?
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    Here's a detailed answer that yes concrete can conduct electrical current although not very well but well enough that someone might feel it as a shock. It conducts via ionic conduction more on it here:


    and for ionic conduction:


    Its also possible that the concrete could be slightly damp but not noticeable and the water on the surface conducts the current.
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