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How exam papers are graded

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    nice :)
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    Why not just use a stamp with "B-" on it?
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    Don't they have teaching assistants to grade the papers? Or do the teaching assistants just retrieve the papers afterwards?

    I think one of the commenters had a better grading system:
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    This is too much work. If I was a professor, I would just grade alphabetically. If your name begins with A, you get an A, etc. Absolutely no flaws with that method.......as long as you don't teach people whose names end with Z...
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    Yeah, I actually laughed at that comment and was going to post it here :)
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    OMG, that's what my english teacher did. She gave everyone a B- on every essay. Always.
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    Heh. When I saw this post, I was going to post my HS science teacher's method of grading papers. But I hadn't read the link yet. That's his method.
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