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How far will these waves go

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    How far will the waves go if two-point sources 2.0 m aparts from each other are making waves in water in phase with each other at a frequency of 1.0Hz. The speed of the waves are 0.60m/s. How far will the waves go?

    (lambda)= v/f = 0.60/1 = 0.60m
    wavelength is 0.60m

    d= v/(lambda) = 0.60/0.60 = 1m

    What did i do wrong? Or should the waves continue forever?
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    I don't understand the question. Why should the waves ever "stop"?

    Clearly, the equation d= v/(lambda) = 0.60/0.60 = 1m is wrong simply because it has the wrong units: v is in m/s and lambda in m
    v/lambda will give (m/s)(1/m)= 1/s: it has units of "per second", not meters and is not a length.
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