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How fast I was going?

  1. Apr 20, 2016 #1
    I'm new to this forum and I might have putted this thread in wrong section.
    My question i would like to get answered its a bit complicated, I know...

    I have had very weird accident while riding a motorcycle as a courier in London. I dont know what caused the accident because I lost memory and had severe head injury.

    After all things gathered together, it looks like that it was either riders error or mechanical fault.
    There is a thing of proving that it wasnt a rider error if i can prove how fast I was going...
    There is a bracket which was used by ambulance to establish what injuries I can have... its 30-40mph

    Now, i dont have the bike anymore, it was cannibalised for parts and destroyed after the accident. I have a forensic collision report which confirms that it was a low speed crash.
    I have some photographic evidence - bike after the crash... I can show also where exactly this did happen....on google earth :)

    Is here someone who specialize in this field of establishing as accurate as possible how fast i was going.
    You see, if i can prove for example that i was doing 30-34 mph or less, the riders error theory will be out of window and will confirm that it was a mechanical fault...

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thank you
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    I doubt that anyone here could help you with this. The forum gets these types of requests occasionally but the forum isn't here to help provide accident reconstruction evidence - those types of requests violate forum policies.
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    NO! Even photographic evidence will NOT help you. You need actual continuous cam footage ie a video recording of some type. Single frame shots won't do it, unless you have several and have an accurate time reference between frames. Speed can be interpreted two ways, either as velocity or as acceleration and neither is the same. You are searching for the velocity at impact. This will be nearly impossible unless there is a video of your accident, a single picture would be impossible to determine this.
    Damage to your bike may provide a range of speed, but it won't get down to the accuracy that you probably require. If the speedometer had been broken and froze at the speed of impact, might be an admissible piece of evidence, but even that could be in error due to the collision itself.
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