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How genetically different are different people?

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    I'm curious about how many genetic differences there are between different types of people. For instance, is there some measure of genetic standard deviation within the human population, and simmilar such things for smaller populations of humans? How great would be the genetic difference between two people from southern Italy, whose ancestors have lived there for hundreds of generations, compared to one person from southern Italy, and another from Japan, whose ancestors have also been living in Japan for hundreds of generations?

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    Genetic difference in humans is small. Homo sapiens is relatively young so they are all very related. Plus with technology that allows traveling all around the world the changes that did evolve get shared by people all over the world by people of different ethnicities getting children.

    Humans have 1 variation on 1000 base pairs. Chimps have 1 in 500 base pairs.

    People generally share 99.9 of their genes with everyone else.
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