How google works

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    I believe one part of google's ranking system includes how many people link to a certain page, and with what key words right?
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  3. in simple terms, that's how Google works more or less.

    From Google Technology
    Wikipedia PageRank entry
  4. Hmm... I remember seeing PF's pagerank by Google a while back, if I remember correctly I saw it at 4/10. Right now though, the main index is getting a rating of 2/10.

    Then again, the site traffic ( for this site isn't nearly as large as some other websites, so that will probably explain why PF isn't as "important" as some other sites that Google ranks as being higher.

    I find it strange that PF gets a lower pagerank status than which is completely useless, but yet has a Google pagerank rating of 5/10.
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    Anttech, I may lose my job from my extremely loud laughing, then choking, coughing and spraying coffee everywhere!!!

    You should have posted a warning!! :grumpy: :wink:

    This is the best explanation I've ever seen, although a bit too technical perhaps for some folks. :biggrin:
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    All I know is, after 1600 + posts at this PF, and plenty at the old PF, on subjects such as the meaning of life, abiogenesis theory, the nature of consciousness, etc., I was proud to tell my friends and relatives (including my 82 year old mom) to Google my name and see what came up.

    Well, right after my best buddy Moonbear (seeking revenge for that running bear story) decided to designate me the author of a masturbation thread, that's what my friends and family discovered I am famous on the net for. :cry:

    Google's method of deciding importance sucks (even though I love it and use it every day).
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    That's too funny! I mean, that's a terrible shame. :tongue:
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    One of the cruel sisters twists the knife . . . Moonbear's accomplice.
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