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How hard is it to get into engineering at MIT/Princeton/Stanford?

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    Hey, im royally screwed - because i am terrible at english, and my english grade is crap. If i apply to these universities with a 75% in english, but near perefect on every SAT/SAT II, do I stand a chance at getting in?

    Physics is 90%
    Algebra/calc/chem/english (senior - but second semester :( ) next year


    And if there is no chance, what other private american schools can i go to?
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    SATs aren't that important to the admissions office. People with 1100-1300 get admitted to those schools quite frequently.

    Sure, having good grades is vital, but you need to stand out. People who apply to schools like that all have good grades, but you'd get admitted if, say, you play guitar. You need to have a variety of interests, and activities to show that you actually enjoy doing them. Extra-curriculars, a good personality and your different experiences could get you in, despite how bad you are at English. It also helps if you have an interest in math and/or science.

    And if it's relevant, I've known of DOZENS of people who scored 1600s on their SATs and got rejected from both Stanford and MIT (don't know much about Princeton).

    Good luck. :biggrin:
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    Okay this reply is way too late, but I must point out that knowing how to play guitar will not help you...how many people play the guitar again?
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