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How hard should I push myself

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    I'm new here and this is my first post, so I'ld like to give you all a hearty hello right at the beginning!
    Long story short, I'm in high-school and I'm wondering whether I should go nuts and take part of every single competition and olympiade etc to impress the universities I wish to apply for a spot for? I don't have the funds to go to an excellent university abroad, although that's exactly what my 1st priority in life at the moment is (best education as possible). Getting a quite-good education for free (scholarship) in my own country shouldn't be much of a problem, though.
    Thank you!
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    push yourself until you won't have regrets.
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    Welcome! :smile:

    I trust you've already considered all of the practical issues such as finances, hours in a day, how you'll get to the events, and so on. You are asking about intellectual capacity?

    It's hard to tell you how much you'll be able to handle; that's something you will have to figure out for yourself. If it were me, I'd say go for it. Don't burn yourself out, though. If you need to back out of something, so what? You'll have learned more about yourself and your limits.
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    Its an impossible question to answer. Push yourself as hard as you need to achieve your goals. Participating in science Olympiad really isn't that hard though is it? Sounds more like fun to me. But seriously no need to do *everything* thats just crazy. Edit: you can achieve a great education on your own, all you need is an iron will. Get texts, do problems ad nauseum. Get new texts. Repeat.
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    Push, Push, and Push! I have regrets goofing off in high school. Today, I'm 23 years old and I will earn my A.A. degree this year I hope. I'm pushing myself right now and I had to throw away the things I love to "goof" off. End your Videos games and get rid of the "Loser" friends who do drugs. Try not to repeat the mistakes I made and push yourself.
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    Personally, I think it's a mistake to push yourself to impress universities. Push yourself because you'll enjoy doing it... otherwise, you are just wasting your time.
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    Is it possible not to have regerts in life?
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    I can honestly say I don't have any regrets. I've done some pretty stupid things, but I've learned from all of them so i don't think it's fair to call it a regret. Just something i wouldn't do again!
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    Hard for me to think you don't have stuff you don't regert in your life of doing.
    But perhaps it's because I am that kind of a person.
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    hi sorry about the improper English i'm not from the US or the UK anyhow just want to say somthing about myself i love physics its the only thing that i realy ever got a good grade in maybe and dont take me wrong being a nerd facinates me im not that intelgent i did take online IQ tests and turned out with 147 i dont know if anyone here thinks its normal :S i just wish i could achieve more .. im stuck at a good paying job but i dont do anything im working in an oil feild as a gas operator all i do is check gauges and open and close valves simple things that a mouse rat can do in a maze or any its just frustrating wanting to do so much .. and i regret studying 1 day only before any exam and turning up with a C or B while i coulda got an A realy studying ... man im trying to study but its too expensive and its hard to do it with full time shift 12hours a day ... hopfully ill get a scholarship and one day be able to do somthing usufull sorry to bore you people :D
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    An IQ of 147 is very very very HIGH!

    But you should not trust online test, you could almost say drop 20 points from it and you get your real IQ. If you are serious about it you should consult a real psychologist.
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    ^^ lol i hope ur wrong cause i love attention and now i think I'm special but i think its wrong cause my ex-gf got a 156 and shes a UK resident and I'm not not so so so good in English having an Arabic background with u know I'm not that good at math either seriously i hope one day i can accomplish something and as for pushing you're self man i wish you the best and don't ever try to or let somone else compare you to anyone because you define you hopfully ull never have regerets becaue today we are proud of what we are and i would never give up my sanity and personality WOW so melodramatic :)
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    Thanks for all the answers so far, I really appreciate your opinions. I will keep moving towards my goal like I have so far, maybe take a little more time-off now and then, though.
    However, I'ld still like to get a more concrete answer on how much do performances in olympiades, contests and extra-curriculum activities matter when applying for a _very_ good university (I'm not sure if I have the right to consider myself so bright that I could get a scholarship to ie. Cambridge, but as long as that door isn't closed yet I keep fighting for it)?
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    all you need is an iron will.
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