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How heavy should my set piece be?

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    Here is my problem:
    I'm a set designer for a show. I have a set piece of a tree that is 12ft. tall and sits on a 8' by 8' platform that is on wheels. The issue is that this tree has a swing that comes off of it. Someone who is about 100lbs will be swinging on the set piece. How heavy should the tree be so that her weight does not overcome the inertia of the tree platform? Also, if someone could walk me through the steps of finding the solution, that would by awesome. And if I didn't give you enough information, let me know, I'm new to this. Thanks guys!
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    You need some professional help here. The consequences of getting this wrong are too serious to offer advice based on the limited amount of information you gave.
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    How much more information do I need to give?
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    You should have a professional mentor, or some other experienced set designer who is teaching you how to do this. We are not professional set designers. Thread locked.
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