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How high does it go? how long?

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    1. A bottle rocket has an engine that accelerates it upward. Then it coasts to its highest point before returning to the ground. Assuming that the engine creates a net acceleration of 30 m/s2 for 0.5 s, how high does it go, and how long does it take to reach the ground again?
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    I know they net acceleration is 30m/s^2
    and the time is 0.5s
    my thing is how do we calculate distance with only acceleration and time ?
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    Dear Mary

    Welcome to PF! Your question can be asked in the Homework area of PF, ensuring you follow the template. This area is for introductions only.

    All the best
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    how exactly do i get there again?
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    I see that you have already figured out how to get to the homework sections. As already noted, this section is for introductions only.
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