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Homework Help: How high will a bullet travel?

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    A bullet is fired straight up with a muzzle velocity of 460 m/s. how long will it take it to reach its highest point and how high will that be? (The air resistance may be neglected)

    i've been busting my brain over this question for almost an hour, and i just cant find a formula that will help me find this that only has one of: Distance and Time
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    I think you should be able to find the time using the kinematic equation:

    vf = vi + at

    solve it for t, the problem gives you the acceleration, the final velocity and the initial velocity.

    then, after you've found the time at the top of its flight, you can use

    d = vt + .5at^2

    to find the distance traveled.
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    what's the acceleration? it doesnt state it in the equation. or is it -9.8 m/s^2
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    right on dude
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