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How hot in the deserts

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    What are average high temperatures in the middle of the deserts during hot summer times? A sattelite has recorded a surface temperature of 71 Celcius (159 F) in Lut Desert in 2005, however no given date or season in 2005. How about temperatures above 1,5 m from the ground and in other hot deserts of the world?
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    The temperature of a surface in the sun depends on the emissivity (how black) of the surface and the angle to the sun - that's why temperatures are normally quoted 'in the shade'.
    The air temperature near the surface is going to be close to the surface temperature.
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    I think satellites are measuring the temperature of surfaces of the other deserts regularly, but i can't get to those figures at the moment. Thanks for your interest.
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    Satellites measure the troposphere, not the surface.
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