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How important is the SAT?

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    Im planning to go to a university in America, and I took the SAT yesterday. I think ill also take the math subject SAT. I just wanted to know how important the SATs are compared to our school reports/grades and other stuff. In general I want to know what is important and what is not in applying to US universities.
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    SAT score is important. You need a top score along with great grades to get into the top US schools.
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    What is the most important thing while applying? Essays?
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    If you are looking to going to one of the "top tier" schools, beware that many of them want SAT Subject Test scores also. I advise the SAT Math IIC (I think they may have changed its name, but it'll be SAT Subject Math II or SAT II Math). Many schools like a science also, or the literature SAT Subject test.

    From what I've heard, essays are integral to getting into a good school. Grades are important, but the curriculum is looked at more importantly (example: A student with straight A's in easy, regular classes would be considered less in comparison to a student in AP and/or IB or other such advanced type courses.)

    Good luck!
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    Some schools (mainly in the midwest) will take either the ACT or SAT. My ACT score was better than my SAT equivalent so I didn't even send in my SAT score.

    Like Ebola said, if you have any specific schools check to see which tests they require.
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    It depends on the university. You can get a not too great score on the SAT, but if you are taking high level classes and getting good grades in them in High School, many colleges will over-look the lower SAT.

    For example, my daughter was accepted to, and offered a $2500 a year scholastic scholarship by a local private college, and her SAT scores were less than stellar.

    Check with the universities you are considering as to how much weight they put on the SAT.
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    top SAT scores combined with middling grades can also be a negative at the top schools, since they may imply an unwillingness to work hard enough to take advantage of your ability.

    I.e. anyone who has SAT scores above 700 in math and verbal, e.g. should also have top grades to go with them. Unless perhaps a case can be made they attended very strictly grading school systems.
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