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How is antimatter created?

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    How is antimatter created? I'd like an in-depth answer because it is never really mentioned, the physics behind its creation. All that is ever said is, ''after accelerating particles and colliding them at the LHC...''.

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    Are You interested in creation of antimatter in accelerators or in early universe? I'm asking because creation of matter and antimatter in very early universe is quite hard. On the other hand, accelerator creation is quite easy. Keywords: Feynman diagram, quantum vacuum. If so, maybe this link might help a bit: http://www.upscale.utoronto.ca/GeneralInterest/Harrison/AntiMatter/AntiMatter.html.

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    Please start by reading (either in the numerous threads here on PF or on various websites) "Pair Production" as an example.

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    High energy collisions break stuff into pieces.....but those pieces in aggregate are required to follow certain conservation laws ...like, charge and momentum for example....so the original particle and its later pieces are linked in their characteristics....so for example, you can't break up a neutron and get three electrons....

    Another way to say this: quantum numbers must be conserved....
    for more see Pair Pproduction:

    Also try reading here:


    I brief,
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