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How is error and uncertainty in data assessed & quantified

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    In the following question the points were scattered in a graph with a negative gradient. The scatter was obvious. A best fit line was drawn. How do I quantify the uncertainty?

    Estimate the uncertainty on your distance by considering the possible range of
    values for the best-fitting distance modulus. [2 marks]

    Estimate the age of the Hyades cluster with an
    approximate associated uncertainty. [3 marks]

    As a guess I just drew 2 parallel lines to the best fit, one went through the greatest point and the other through the least point.

    The work has been submitted so your kind reply will not improve my mark but my mark will be honest.

    As a matter of importance, when I am presented with data values with no mention of error ranges in the table how can I give a value of error to the data.

    A major mark looser has been answers quoted to too many sig figs. eg 3.1415926588 instead of 3.1. I have known this since childhood and have endured punishment for too many sig figs at that time. Are there any tutorials in these arena?

    Thank you in advance for your kind attention
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