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How is it possible ?

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    a man goes to town on wednesday, stays for 3 days and comes back
    on wednesday

    how is it possible ?
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    It takes him 2 days to get to town. He starts on wednesday morning and travels all of Wednesday and also Thursday. He arrives Friday in the morning. He stays Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then he starts back Monday but is held back by a storm on Tuesday. He resumes travelling and returns Wednesday night.
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    Oh, this is an old one

    The mans horse is named wednesday
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    cosmo got it right :)
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    Puns are inferior to real answers. :grumpy:
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    Maybe the man was moving relativistically :-)
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    The trip home took the man 4 days.

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    If his horse is named wednesday, it should be "he went to town on Wednesday" (note the upper case W).
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    Wednesday should be capitalized anyways
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