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How is LaTeX implemented on this site?

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    I'm designing my website, where I plan to put up notes of whatever I'm studying. Since it would be really nice to place ideas as I do here at physicsforums.com, my question is: how do I implement LaTeX in my site?

    I've read about latex2html, but it is not really the approach I intend to follow. Hopefully, there are other ways. I'm working on a flash website.

    Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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    Look at the source for this post

    It's probably just a script that's called from the post-parser that runs the latex "code" and saves it as a png file.
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    Thanks for your input. Well, it sounds like I gotta learn PHP to do all of this... right?
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    An alternative to using server-side scripting is using a desktop math typesetting program like MathType to create images. I believe you have to register that particular program after 30 days, but I am sure there are other programs out there that are free. :smile:
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    You ought to just write your notes in TeX and put pdfs on your site. That'd be the easiest route.

    Yes, this site uses custom-written server-side PHP to pass stuff inside [ tex ] tags to latex, then to dvi2ps, then to a modified pstoimg. It spits out a png file, which is then dropped into a folder for storage.

    - Warren
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    Yes, I agree with you that it's just easier to put up pdf's; that's what I'm gonna do for the time being. Anyhow, I'll try to learn more about PHP server-side scripting. Thank you guys for your advice. :smile:
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