How is oil extracted from porous reservoirs

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the extraction of oil from porous reservoirs[/QUOTE] [Broken]

i can figure how it is done would anyone help me?
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There are 2 "most used" ways, that I know of, to extract oil from a porous material. The first way is to pump water below the reservoir and let the oil ride up, this can typically get about 40% of the oil traped in the porous material. Another, newer, method is to use bacteria, basically add a bunch of bacteria, let it sit for a few days and then pump water in again.

The web-page you cited is simply a research group that uses mathematical models to find the relationships between various micro (and macro) structures, and to predict some of the physical properties (permeability, conductivity, etc.) involved in fluid mechanics and magnetohydrodynamics.
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what i wanted to know was that is magnetohydrodynamics involved in it?
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I believe magnetohydrodynamics is used to model/determine the physical properties of water, oil and oil-water emulsions. So it is involved in the respect that it helps model how the oil/water behaves. In the same way that fluiddynamics is involved in determining how air will flow over an airplane wing. It helps to predict what will happen or work better in certain circumstances.

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