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How is the formular of radiation from object to its surroundings derived?

  1. Dec 17, 2008 #1
    The law for a hot object radiating heat to its cooler surroundings is P=e*(56.7*10^-9)*A*((th^4)-(tc^4)
    where P is power is watts
    e emissivity
    A the area of the hotter object radiating to its surroundings
    th the temperture in Kelvin of this object
    tc the temperture in Kelvin of the surroundings
    can the above formular be derived from the Stefan-Boltzman formular of the radiation from a surface P=A*e*(56.7*10^-9)*(Ts^4)
    ts been the surface temperture.
    dose anyone know how to derive the first formular and what the assumptions are if there are any?
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