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How is this diet?

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    What would you think of a diet with the following menu:

    Porridge (oates + milk)

    Sushi (a selection of different sushi such as salmon, chicken, beef, eel, prawn etc which includes a bit of vegetables )

    Subway Restaurant sandwich with meat (any) and all the vegetables it has to offer.

    The breakfast is perhaps a bit boring. Anybody can think of something simple and easily prepared? Maybe some fruit for breakfast. What are some filling fruits? Banana is one.
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    Vastly lacking vegetables, fruits and whole grain. There's quite a lot of meat in my opinion, you could get and probably will get much more protein than you need. I have to admit that the breakfast looks appetizing.
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    You might want to read the advice already given in a previous thread about lack of variety in diets. Yours isn't quite so extreme, but the cautions still apply.
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    Excess sushi may or may not lead to mercury problems.
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    There is vegetables in the sushi and tons in Subway sandwiches. Note that the breakfast is literally oats + milk. No sugar or anything sweet. It's actually very filling even with only a little bit.
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    How very informative.
    Some species/sources of fish are high in mercury due to pollution. Excess consumption of fish could lead to toxic levels.
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    Maybe some fruits for breakfast instead. What are some filling fruits? Banana is one. Any others?
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    I'd put fruit on the side or mix in into the gruel, and probably make some buttered whole-wheat toast or other bread for dipping in there. My husband's home-cooked oatmeal with buttery toast is to die for!

    I couldn't see eating sushi and Subway every day. What about soups with cheese and bread on the side, or veggie and tofu stirfry? There are several recipes in the food thread. Baked chicken was an easy one that was discussed sometime recently.

    Like Moonbear mentions... you need variety in your diet -- both with regards to food groups and even the things you choose from those groups from day to day (even though there's some comfort in routine). In my case, I like to make certain things routine only certain days of the week. In my case, we go once every weekend to our favorite restaurant where I get eggs Benedict and a waffle with fresh fruit (no butter or syrup needed). Occasionally we'll vary... so our waitress always asks us if we'll need menus... but 90% of the time, even when we think about changing we stay the same! but again... that's just one meal we have once per week.
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