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How is this equation derived?

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    Equation in pink: COn8BZQ.png

    I was absent so I was going through the slides and I saw that equation. There isn't a derivation shown. Do you guys have any ideas?
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    This is for solid state physics.

    n0 represents the number of electrons in a semiconductor. p0 represents the number of holes in a semi conductor.

    NA represents the number of positive (acceptor) ions. ND represents the number of negative (donor) ions.

    ni=pi=n0=p0 in an instrinsic semiconductor.
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    Maybe you could start with the density of states.
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    If you Google "carriers doped semiconductor", 7 out of the top 7 results will lead you to a derivation. I stopped counting at that point. :biggrin: Here is the first.
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    This thread is from 2013, and the OP has not been here for more than 2 years. Please do not revive old threads like this.

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