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How is this possible?

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    I know probably many of you have had your share of moments like these, but think about it for a second..

    Btw: If anyone wants to move this to philosophy that's ok, I didn't put it there because it's not really philosophy but I needed to share anyway.

    I sit here, listening to a song.. The sound is traveling from the headphones into my ear, and my brain processes it into music.
    I get enjoyment.
    But the song, it's so beautiful and intense, so vivid, so uncompromising, it's hard to believe that the song even exists..
    Of course the song itself is just an .mp3, an audio file consisting of 1's and 0's, physically, but.. Technically it's also much more than that..
    It's a manifestation of a mind, a moment, a mental moment captured physically, it's an idea, a concept, but also a very real thing.

    All the air molecules being moved around, all the radiation from the sun being burst through the earth, through me.
    All the energy, the physicality, the nitty gritty, the actual "stuff" that makes up all of the universe.. It's all very real..
    People go into a comfort zone, a daily life zone, a kind of "hey this is what I always knew it was" zone.
    But this is a big mistake.

    In fact, we see about 0.000001% of the actual reality of the universe.
    Our lives aren't about christmas, about cheese, about bread, about your moms look when she sees you've gotten a job. It's not about jokes, laughing or American Idol.
    Our lives are about particles, energy, electrons, Heisenbergs uncertainty principle, conscious experience, self awareness, photons, dreams, beautiful skies, alien species, wormholes, black holes, white dwarfs, stars, gases, fluid dynamics, nanotechnology, bitstream, electricity..
    Your body is made up of matter, most of your body is water, which is basically water molecules bouncing around.
    Your brain is run on chemicals and electrical impulses, and it has a big neuralnet, which 'spawns' your alleged consciousness.
    Your body has millions of small cells, and DNA strands, and genes, and red blood pumping out of your heart.

    We are the machines, we are the free will, we are.. The Human species.

    We are in a galaxy called the milky way, in the middle of outer space.
    Our planet is a near round object floating in a vaccum.
    There is a big chance that alien lifeforms exist outside of our solar system, intelligent ones.
    We might even go to war with one some day, or we might meet a friendly species.
    There are black holes, dead stars, alive stars, like our sun, floating and evolving the ever lasting energy that is the universe..

    But what about us? Where do we fit in?
    The immediate reaction is that we are machines, plain and simple.
    But what about dreams? Our hopes and fears? Our internal world?
    In some odd sense of sick irony, the world can't be proven to actually exist, seeing as the brain is our only source of all stimuli..
    The qualia you experience, the experience of being human, is all too real.
    Sizzling with life and evolving states, your own personal world, your qualia, is an outstanding process in the physical world..

    Your life is not your comfy chair, your wife or your television, your life is not your shoes, your jacket or your hair.
    Your life is actually so much more than that.. Your life is endless, to the point, in your face, yet so subtle, so beautiful, so immense, so amazing and so immersive.

    Embrace your life, look beyond the daily lives illusion, look beyond your own self created limits because, one day aliens will invade, large battleships will hover over our cities, and we will fight to our deaths, our sun will implode and die out and all of earth goes pitch black, you die and you realize you are now exiting into the stream of consciousness, they will invent a device that allows us to travel at faster speeds through time, scientists will invent quantum teleportation devices that allow us to compress matter/information into energy, and back, people will wear invisibility cloaks, we will invent interstellar travel, and trek the galaxy for places to terraform, we will sit in small white spheres, our brains directly plugged into the computer mainframe, we are sent visual stimuli from the cable into our brains as we travel through space, encountering other species.. We will travel through wormholes, a galactic network of 'stargates', spanning the entire milky way..

    Your life is not just love or your job, it's not just your car, your income or your lost weight, your life is an endless possibility..
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    I was at my school's philosophy club meeting and towards the end, I wanted to mention "I almost guarantee you that because we were all so into this discussion, nobody even thought for a second that there is a world outside of this room". However there was not enough time.... During those discussions, everything outside of the room stopped in our minds.
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    This is really something that would be best for your journal.
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