How is your eyesight?

Do u wear spectacles?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. Do you have four eyes:rolleyes: I meant do you wear spectacles:bugeye: .I think almost half of the PF members wear spectacles after all each of them are either mathematicians or scientists and spectacles are their trademark.

    Well here's a small poll, just to know how many of you are 4-eyed or not? :):biggrin:

    And yes don't forget to mention you power.
    All sort of spectacles are considered, unless they do not have power.
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  3. Starting off, I am the first 4-eyed with power -6 D.
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  4. DaveC426913

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    1] Your poll will show biased results - since your subject header calls to bespectacled members only.

    2] Since I haven't the faintest idea what a tubelight is, I guess I'm not one.
  5. Do reading glasses count? My vision was 20/20 until I was 47 years old.
  6. I corrected the header and the post. Hope it's fine.
  7. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,541
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    Yeeeeah... that'll draw them in by the score...:rolleyes:

    How about being a little more informative?

    What about, "How is your eyesight?"
  8. Hey but the title in the general discussion shows the older title .How do I correct it?
  9. Pyrrhus

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    I wear eyeglasses, but i am gonna get the laser fix on Dec.
  10. Astronuc

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    I started wearing glasses about a year ago. I was getting terrible eye strain by the end of the day. I had a comprehensive eye test which revealed that my eyes had finally gotten to the point where it requires considerable effort to focus on things nearby, or small print. So in order to read fine print or things in the range of 24 inches (60 cm) or closer, I need to use reading glasses. :yuck:
  11. berkeman

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    Done. Hey, it's fun being a Mentor!

    I wear +2 reading glasses in order to keep my far vision close to 20/20. All that close work over the years would have ruined my unaided far vision unless I used reading glasses. I had to start wearing them near the end of my undergrad.
  12. Chi Meson

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    Funny you should ask. Two weeks ago today I had a "macular event." The center ofvision in my right eye suddenly became dim as though I had spent an hour looking at the sun. The annoying spot has faded over two weeks, but my vision in the center of my right eye is now a lot blurrier.

    I was panicked after the second day when the spot was still growing (going blind does not sound like fun), but then the condition improved. I see the retina specialist tomorrow. So, new specs for me.
  13. You guys (that wear glasses) are a bunch of nerds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
  14. Ha! You nerds are so lame.
  15. I do not wear glasses, but I do wear contacts. Blue ones too, they make my eyes pretty haha. Unfortunately I was stabbed in the left eye with an exacto knife when I was about 2.5 years old, I am extremely lucky to not be completely blind in that eye. Now, after four surgeries, I have an artificial lens in my eye, and actually my sight has been slightly improving over the past few years..YAY
  16. Evo

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    I think glasses make men look sexy, I prefer men that wear glasses. :approve:
  17. Me too. I think it makes them look smart too.
  18. Moonbear

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    No corrective lenses of any kind here. Apparently sitting too close to the TV and reading in dim light aren't as bad as my mom prophesied. :biggrin:
  19. i prefer girls with glasses..

    dunno why.. mystery :P
  20. I don't wear glasses all the time. I just need them to drive at night or if I read late at night. My Rx is -0.75+0.50x63 OD, and -0.75+1.00x132 OS so the spherical equivalent is negligible.
  21. wolram

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    I an 75 now, and can still see to shoot the hind leg off a gnat at 100yds,
    however i wear clear glasses when i am on the pull.
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